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Long Drive Player Branding & Marketing

We develop a close relationship with each of our players to better understand his or her passions, interests and hobbies. We then tailor and personalize our outreach based on each player’s interests. Through strong, consistent athlete branding, we help you stand out, remain relevant and build your value in the minds of both your current and potential fans. Your branding also lets you cultivate fan awareness and loyalty and create strong and favorable associations for yourself. Start leveraging brand power to maximize fan support in reaching your goals.


  • Product Endorsements
  • Player Sponsorships
  • Player Appearances
  • Local Market Business Promotion
  • Player Brand Development
  • Player Website Development & Site Hosting
  • Player Ecommerce Store Development
  • Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing
  • Social Media/Influencer Marketing 

    Player Product Endorsements

    Our goal is to have my players as a whole represent products that they use and that they believe it. They will take a personal involvement in the products as well as the people who represent the products.


    Player Sponsorships

    When you consider one of the elite athletes to represent your brand you are considering a person who will truly appreciate it and will be honored to represent your brand. They will go out of their way to make sure you receive all the exposure possible, as well as any personal requests you might have. With the takeover of long drive by NBC/Golf Channel the exposure of the individual long drive athletes has exploded. Below are some number to show this. This year (2019) LD will have over 100 hours of airtime. Including network on NBC.  Each time a player has a match, he gets about 3:20 min of airtime, the average interview is about 57 sec, swing replays and analysis are about 39 sec and special segments are about 1 min. So, if a player finishes 2nd in a tour event he would have 3 matches x 3:20 for 10min, has 1 interview that's 57 sec, and 1 swing replay that's 39 sec for a total of 11:36.  Plus the event is aired at least 3 times. So just for this one event a player may get over 34 minutes of airtime. These numbers are much bigger for the finals because it's more matches as well as extras. As impressive as these airtime numbers are, I believe it is the personal touches the athletes provide that makes the difference. Entertaining clients, private lessons or simply representing your company at a fund raiser are what these athletes do best, besides HITTING THE BALL A MILE.

    Player Appearances

    Exhibitions: Are you are looking to promote your golf tournament or outing and want to draw more players and sponsors? Then bring in a “World Long Drive Champion" for an exhibition of hitting power and strength.    

    Corporate Outings: Each of my players are the best at what they do, both as long drivers as well as entertainers and instructors. Any event would be greatly enhanced by having them involved. Each of them would be honored to be involved and would go above and beyond what might be asked of them. This is one of the reasons they are currently getting so much repeat business. 

    Event Management: I have run numerous long driving themed events and feel comfortable running any size event. An example of an event I ran was for Caesars in Las Vegas where they brought in their best customers who were treated to 2 days of golf and entertainment by the world’s longest hitters. Each long drive athlete acted as a personal host to Caesars' customers. 


    Promoting Through Long Drive

    There is no one with as much experience as myself both on the business side as well as the competitor side of long driving. With the World Long Drive receiving over 100 hours of air-time in 2019 and continuing to grow, companies both inside and outside of golf are starting to see it as a viable vehicle to promoting their brand. 

    Player Brand Development

    Your player logo is often the first interaction that people have with your brand, and it’s often times how they remember you, too. When you work with us, we’ll provide you with a logo that stands out and is authentic to your brand. You’ll receive multiple iterations of your logo, unlimited revisions, and a finalized version so you can show off your player identity to the world. Win over your audience with brand elements that stand out from the crowd and steal their attention. We’ll compose a package of eye-catching color palettes, fonts and patterns that make your player brand identity distinct and unique.


    Player Website Design 

    We will design and develop a player website that allows you to highlight your career stats, build credibility towards your brand, and sell products online. Your custom website will include unique content, compelling graphics and will be search engine optimized to improve your online presence.


    Player Social Media Marketing

    We provide monthly social media management services. We create stunning social posts, engage your audience and grow your brand.

    Instagram Influencer Marketing: We’re experts in developing creative, strategic Instagram campaigns for your brand by partnering with top-performing Instagram influencers. 

    YouTube Influencer Marketing: Showcase your brand to millions of followers via sponsored YouTube videos. Partner with top YouTube influencers to drive social media engagement and ROI for your brand.